Cameron Crowe super-duper loves Pearl Jam, so much that he’s spent much of the last few years not devoted to developing We Bought A Zoo (which reportedly featured a lot of Eddie Vedder in the script notes) to working directly with the band, including directing a music video for “The Fixer” and even helping out on that briefly controversial Target commercial. But 2011 will see the debut of Crowe’s biggest collaboration to date with his erstwhile Singles stars: Pearl Jam Twenty, a documentary that he and the band have been working on since at least 2009, and which is said to utilize archive footage from Pearl Jam’s entire 20-year history alongside the expected live performances and interviews and so on. The film is expected to debut later this year to commemorate that anniversary, and according to Pearl Jam’s official website, it will also come with a soundtrack album and book, which you can stain with your fat tears as you reflect on the fact that it’s been almost 20 years since you first heard Ten and that death grows nearer every day. [via /Film]