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Cameron Crowe’s Roadies pilot is online now


Waiting until a particular date for a TV show to premiere and then flipping to a specific channel to watch it is becoming increasingly outdated in today’s streaming-obsessed society. Mr. Robot disrupted that traditional TV model last year when it posted its premiere episode on YouTube early, and Outcast followed its lead back in May. But demons and hackers aren’t the only ones who don’t have to play by the old TV rules. Apparently, people who lug equipment around for rock bands are exempt as well, because Showtime has made the pilot episode of Cameron Crowe’s Roadies series available for free on YouTube, the Showtime website, and various other streaming services about two weeks ahead of its original premiere date. (The show is set to debut on Showtime on June 26).

Roadies stars Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, and Imogen Poots, and you can see an edited version of the pilot below. According to the official Cameron Crowe website, though, the Hulu and Showtime.com versions will be uncut.

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