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Cam duo developing new, female-driven horror movie for Blumhouse

Photo: Blumhouse

Blumhouse’s commitment to producing gutsy, low-budget projects continues to pay off, as their investment in Daniel Goldhaber and Isa Mazzei’s tech-horror sparker Cam has led to the talented duo signing with CAA, as well as another female-driven horror thriller from the studio.

This comes via Deadline, and follows an interview in The Daily Beast from last year in which Mazzei revealed that their next film would be centered around a serial killer. “It’s also somewhat autobiographical,” Mazzei, a former camgirl, said. “But in more of a symbolic way [than Cam]—obviously, I haven’t murdered anyone.”


It’s likely that the film will also center around the concept of modern sex work, as Mazzei has spoken articulately and at length about how best to portray sex workers in cinema. “Putting them inside a sex worker’s head, however, and seeing what she’s seeing, and feeling what she’s feeling, is very different from the outside observation we get with documentary,” she told us last year.

Mazzei and Goldhaber are also working with Sam Raimi on a new short for Quibi called 50 States Of Fear.

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