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Calvin Johnson is auctioning off his old “punk jeans”

As a founding member of both K Records and Beat Happening, Calvin Johnson has been associated with punk since its early days. And now that Johnson has launched an eBay auction selling a couple of pairs of his “vintage ’80s punk Levi’s jeans,” people looking to buy some cred can pretend they’ve been there all along, too. The pants were owned an worn by Johnson all through the ’80s, and he claims that they’ve moshed in exotic locales such as “Olympia, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Tokyo, and around the world.” The price of each auction has surpassed $50, with the beat up Levi’s 505s and 501s now as expensive as a brand-new pair. And if jeans aren’t your thing, K Records’ eBay account is also selling an old pair of Sonic Youth boxers.

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