Back in June, reclusive comic strip genius Bill Watterson—creator of Calvin And Hobbes—secretly came out of retirement to draw a handful of panels for Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine comic. At the time, Pastis described it as “getting a glimpse of Bigfoot,” which seemed like a good comparison in terms of the rarity of the event, especially since Bigfoot hasn’t drawn a comic strip in decades.

Now, Watterson has given the original artwork from the strips he drew to Heritage Auctions so some diehard Watterson fan—or Pearls Before Swine fan, we guess—can own a piece of history. He obviously doesn’t need the money, since Watterson makes millions of dollars off of those officially licensed stickers of Calvin peeing on stuff (note: we are being sarcastic), but he’s still giving all of the proceeds from the auctions to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The three strips (here, here, and here) are all signed by Watterson, and the cheapest one is currently going for a little over $2,000.


The online part of each auction goes until August 7, so that will give us all plenty of time to start raising/stealing enough money to buy some original Bill Watterson artwork. The winner even gets some free Stephen Pastis art. That’s cool too, right?