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Calling all free-range chicken aficionados: There's a Portlandia cookbook on the way

Portlandia has spawned yet another book. The IFC show has already sparked a sanctioned guide to the city of Portland—Portlandia: A Guide For Visitors, which was written by the show’s stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein—but, starting in Spring of 2015, fans of the show’s pickling-happy food riffs will be able to delve into its culinary world, too. The Portlandia Cookbook is being released by Clarkson Potter, and will present not only “the characters in the show,” but also “50 related recipes.”

While it’s not entirely clear what food will be included in the book (Portland’s famous Pok Pok wings, please!), Eater surmises that, based on the show’s sketches, the book could feature “gas-inducing raw vegan recipes, food cart recipes, and, of course, pickles.” We’ll personally be disappointed if we don’t see some sort of falafel vaginas or something inspired by the feminist bookstore ladies. And, of course, tons of references to free-range chicken.


Season four of Portlandia premieres Feb. 27.

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