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When super-producer, Soulquarian, and Slum Village co-founder J Dilla died in 2006 he left behind an amazing legacy as one of the most gifted, beloved, influential, and prolific hip-hop producers of all time. Unfortunately he also left behind a whole lot of unpaid tax and medical bills dating back to his long battle with lupus. Egotrip.com is now reporting that in an attempt to raise money to pay off his debts and finance her own battle with lupus, Dilla’s beloved mother Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey is selling a large portion of her son’s legendary record collection on eBay. Bidders who pony up $30 will receive one random LP from Dilla’s record collection along with a certificate of authenticity signed by the producer’s mother. The ongoing auction will be a weekly affair; the first batch of albums have already sold out but there are more on the way. Now fans who revere Dilla as one of hip-hop’s true icons have an opportunity to own part of his record vault though the circumstances are decidedly less than ideal.


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