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Calling all Conan O'Brien fans in Phoenix, AZ: mystery stage show set for April 30

Movieline via TMZ reports Conan O’Brien has a scheduled stage show set for Friday, April 30 at the Dodge Theatre in … Phoenix, Arizona. TMZ earlier reported Ticketmaster had confirmed the live event with a page set up. Ticketmaster then removed the page, but TMZ updated saying a box office rep for the Dodge Theatre has confirmed it’s all happening. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 10 am Arizona-time on March 8 with prices listed at $36.50 to $76.50. Check back this weekend at Ticketmaster for a reappearance of the event listing.

Bottom line? Phoenix, Arizona sounds like a prelude to a possible tour that was rumored to be in the works by The New York Times. A stage tour is the loophole in Conan’s exit agreement with NBC that bars him from appearing on television; he was not barred from taking his act on the road. Starting off in Phoenix sounds like a test-subject town to gauge interest levels outside of the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where Coco would surely find a warm, loyal, and paying audience. The question is whether Real America will help him put his children through college now that he’s a part of the unemployment rate.


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