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Call Me By Your Name's book sequel gets a title and a release date

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It’s unclear now if anybody other than Luca Guadagnino really thinks a sequel to his 2017 movie adaptation of Call me By Your Name is a good idea, but André Aciman—who wrote the original Call Me By Your Name novel—at least has an idea for a sequel of his own. Back in December, he teased that he was writing a sequel to his book, presumably having been encouraged by the success of the movie, and now we know what his sequel will be called, when it will be released, and what it’ll be about. That’s pretty much all the things we ever need to know!


As reported by Vulture, the latest installment in the romantic adventures of Elio and Oliver will be called Find Me (not Find Me By Your Name, just Find Me), and it’ll be available on October 29, 2019. In an interesting twist, though, Find Me won’t be exclusively about Elio and Oliver. Presumably taking some inspiration from the film, the sequel will also feature Elio’s father Samuel as a more prominent character, with him going on a trip to Rome to visit Elio—who has become a classical pianist since the events of the original book. Meanwhile, Oliver (who now has sons “who are nearly grown”) is also considering a return to Europe, where he will presumably be reunited with Elio.

Also interesting: This is completely different from the sequel that Guadagnino envisioned for his film last year. His idea was to have the story center on Elio becoming aware of and reckoning with the AIDS crisis in the ‘80s, though he didn’t mention how Oliver (or Elio’s father, for that matter) might get involved. That’s probably irrelevant, though, because now Guadagnino could just make an adaptation of Find Me instead.

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