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Call Me By Your Name soundtrack to be released on extra-fuckable peach-scented vinyl

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Good news for fans of Luca Guadagnino’s heartbreakingly lovely 2017 coming-of-age feature, Call Me By Your Name—or maybe just record enthusiasts looking to rekindle their burgeoning sexual feelings for their own collections: Pitchfork reports that the film’s soundtrack, featuring two original songs from gentle folk rocker Sufjan Stevens, is getting a new special edition, printed on peach-scented vinyl.

If you’ve never seen the film (or read the book it’s based on), peaches figure into one of its most memorable scenes, as Timothée Chalamet’s Elio, overcome with attraction to Armie Hammer’s Oliver, uses a pitted fruit to masturbate while fantasizing about his soon-to-be lover. Later, Oliver finds Elio and his used fruit, and while he doesn’t go so far as to eat it—a divergence from the film’s source material—it serves as a link and symbol between the two men, one that you can also now have with the movie’s soundtrack album, every time you lean your face into your record collection and give it a big, lusty whiff.

There’s actually a long history of scented vinyl, dating back at least as far as 1977 and The Brothers Johnson’s strawberry-scented “Strawberry Letter 23.” The Call Be My Your Name soundtrack—which features music from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Giorgio Mororder, the Psychedelic Furs, and more, plus Stevens’ original songs “Mystery Of Love” and “Visions Of Gideon”—is getting limited printing of only 7,777 copies, and will only be available during “Peach Harvest season.” All the better for you, too, to wistfully reminisce about your summers of bittersweet sexual discovery and covert produce defilement.

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