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Calista Flockhart will officially return to Supergirl, but only as a guest star


Back when The CW picked up Supergirl for a second season, moving its CBS-based production from Los Angeles to Vancouver along the way, it wasn’t clear whether or not Calista Flockhart would be willing to move with the show. She had suggested that she’d prefer to stay in L.A. if the show moved, but once it did, people “in the know” still claimed that she’d be sticking with Supergirl in its new season. However, without any official confirmation from The CW or from Flockhart herself, Supergirl fans were left wondering whether or not Melissa Benoist’s plucky Kryptonian would really be left without her lovably blunt boss.

Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we can confirm that Calista Flockhart will be a part of Supergirl season two…but she won’t be a regular cast member anymore. Instead, she’ll be a “recurring guest star,” which means she’ll be in “multiple episodes” instead of every single one. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg released a statement saying he’s “excited” that she “agreed to continue on the show when she can,” noting that he knows the audience and the production “love to see her on screen.”


Supergirl will make its CW debut on October 10.

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