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Caligula director to bring audiences 38DDD in 3D

Dammit, Jim Cameron, this is how you revolutionize cinema? Everybody is jumping on the 3-D bandwagon these days, including promises from Warner Brothers to 3-D-ify the final Harry Potter films and Clash Of The Titans, and then there’s that talk of a Ghostbusters 3-D and a Gremlins 3-D. However, with the release of My Bloody Valentine 3-D last January, we knew it was only a matter of time before studios realized something remarkable: 3-D BOOBS! And ladies and gentleman, that time is now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran erotic film director Tinto Brass, famed for directing (most of it, at least) the star-studded Roman sex romp Caligula, featuring Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell, has announced plans to direct an Italian erotic film shot in 3-D.

Now we all know that story and plot in an “erotic film” come secondary, but for those who need a little characterization and conflict to go with their masturbation, Brass talked narrative in the report, saying he would like to “revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there.” So the moral of this story is that this is just another remake announcement. Brass plans to write the script, cast, and begin shooting by late spring.

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