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According to The Associated Press, Caitlyn Jenner will be appearing on the next season of Transparent. Series creator Jill Soloway revealed the news in an interview before last night’s GLAAD awards, referring to the casting as a “dream come true” and adding that there’s “lots of crossover” and “lots of friends” among the people who work on Transparent and Jenner’s I Am Cait—which won a GLAAD award for Best Documentary Series. Soloway didn’t offer any details about the character Jenner will be playing—or if she’ll be playing herself, which might make more sense given her limited acting experience—and she also didn’t say how many episodes Jenner will be in. Basically, all we know is that Caitlyn Jenner will be in some of Transparent’s upcoming third season, which is set to premiere at some point later this year. However, the AP story notes that Jenner will be filming her scenes “next week,” so a diehard Transparent fan could probably get some Star Wars-style spy shots if they’re really curious about what’s going on behind the scenes.