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Cabin In The Woods and Dollhouse veteran Fran Kranz joins The Dark Tower

Cabin In The Woods

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fran Kranz has joined Sony’s adaptation of The Dark Tower, the ridiculous Stephen King series about a cowboy in a post-apocalyptic wasteland racing an evil wizard to the center-point of the entire multiverse. Kranz is probably best known for appearing in multiple Joss Whedon projects, including Dollhouse, Much Ado About Nothing, and Cabin In The Woods, in which he played the goofy stoner guy whose accidental survival helps doom the entire human race.

Kranz will be playing Pimli in The Dark Tower, a character that THR describes as “the right-hand man” of Matthew McConaughey’s Man In Black. Pimli doesn’t play a huge role in the books, but he does impact the central group of heroes in a pretty big way (to put it as non-spoilery as possible). Also, like the character that Jackie Earle Haley will be playing, he doesn’t show up until way into the series, further proving that director Nikolaj Arcel’s movie is going to cover a lot more ground than just any one of the books.


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