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Buzz Aldrin makes "She Blinded Me With Science" even funnier by playing a duet with Thomas Dolby

NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the stage with Thomas Dolby to fill in the exclamations for a duet of Dolby's 1982 hit "She Blinded Me With Science" for the Smithsonian's recent "The Future is Here" conference. Aldrin's awkward fill-in for the late Magnus Pyke may be hilarious but it's hard to hold it against poor Buzz given all that he's done for science ("science!") and space exploration. Besides being one of the first men in history to land on the moon and an outspoken advocate of the space program, he also punched some raging douchebag who got in his face with phony claims about faking the moon landing. That alone makes him one of history's most likable heroes. [via io9]

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