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Buy the table from the kitchen where Joy Division's Ian Curtis hanged himself, you sick bastard

For those looking to one-up whoever pilfered Ian Curtis’ headstone, the creator of this tote bag, and Peter Hook’s The Light in terms of morbidly tacky tributes to the late Joy Division singer, a seller on eBay is now offering the table from the kitchen where Curtis hanged himself. The auction page chronicles the table’s journey from the kitchen Curtis shared with wife Deborah until he committed suicide in it, with the otherwise ordinary piece of furniture first being passed on to a neighbor, then being purchased at auction by its current seller, who promises that the table comes with a certificate of authenticity and, less tangibly, the certainty that you are a vulture, paying a premium to own the ghastly remnants of tragic history.

Currently that premium is up around £1,119. 00 and steadily climbing, so you’d better swoop in soon. Keep in mind that international buyers have to arrange for their own shipping as, like wondering whether this sort of thing might be unseemly, the seller “can’t be arsed.” However, anyone near his UK residence can just come pick it up, as the table should be easily obtained by anyone with “a reasonable size car” and ghoulish sense of fandom.  [via NME]


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