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Buy the Star Wars saga all over again in September

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Adding a sleeker, CGIed improvement to a totally old and thus unsatisfactory story from last August, Lucasfilm has announced a more definite September release date for the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray, in three different editions “to meet the needs of every Star Wars fan,” except the fan who just wants to see the original Star Wars movies they remember, before they were slathered in glaring digital evidence of George Lucas’ insecurities. Everyone else can now pre-order the $139.99 nine-disc Complete Saga set or the $69.99 Original Trilogy (with the definition of “original” obviously open to debate) and Prequel Trilogy sets, all with attendant bonus materials and deleted scenes and other still-somehow-never-before-seen things to justify your further investment. Here’s footage of Darth Vader and a phalanx of Stormtroopers making the announcement at yesterday’s Consumer Electronics Show; isn’t it magical when fantasy and corporate synergy come together? [Coming Soon]

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