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Buy the house from A Nightmare On Elm Street for a mere $2.1 million

Anyone looking to not get any sleep ever should check out the house from A Nightmare On Elm Street, which has just gone on the market. The house, in Los Angeles’ Spaulding Square neighborhood, was gutted by owner Angie Hill after being gutted by Freddy Krueger’s claw-hands. (Hill then renovated it.) Hill said the house was a total nightmare when she bought it, because “It was the only house on the street that looked beaten-up.” But now, there are three bedrooms, three and a quarter bathrooms, a pool, and a guesthouse, presenting plenty of room for fleeing from dream-monsters. Interested? The maybe-haunted house runs a cool $2.1 million, payable in cash or body parts. [via Curbed]


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