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Buy the car previously powered by Ed Begley Jr.’s sense of self-satisfaction

No, not this one

Gawker reports that actor, environmentalist, and bizarre-gardening-accident victim Ed Begley Jr. is currently seeking a buyer for his Toyota Rav4 EV on Craiglist, the website where you can no longer arrange anonymous sexual encounters—but you can purchase a celebrity-affiliated electric vehicle that could help such encounters take place. Any California-based St. Elsewhere fan with $25,000 burning a hole in their replica St. Eligius lab coat can purchase the most famous Begley-related car not to appear on The Simpsons, a vehicle the seller has “Meticulously Maintained” just as would our own planet Earth. And just in case driving a used electric car doesn’t immediately make your passengers ask “Did you buy this from Ed Begley Jr.?”, the actor is offering to autograph the inside of the hood and pose for photos with the buyer. Interested parties are urged to email the seller’s rep, Mia—disappointing a generation raised on Comedy Central afternoon movies and thus under the impression that Begley can always be reached at the outmoded telephone number TRansylvania 6-5000.

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