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Buy the car from the Green Hornet (the movie one)

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Once in a while, an opportunity comes along to own a piece of pop culture history—props from Breaking Bad, jackets worn by the Beatles, even Pharrell Williams’ enormous hat. And then there are opportunities to own a piece of a quickly forgotten movie you may have watched halfheartedly on cable on a Sunday afternoon—like the chance to own the customized 1965 Chrysler Imperial driven by Seth Rogen in Michel Gondry’s poorly received 2011 film adaptation of The Green Hornet.

The car is one of only two Imperials that survived filming (many others were destroyed in stunts). As of Monday, the bidding was up to $34,529, which is actually pretty reasonable for a restored car from 1965. Especially when you consider the amenities: hood-mounted machine guns that fire bursts of propane to simulate gunfire; a revolving license plate that can replace your actual plates with one that reads “HORNET;” and four arrays of Stinger missiles. (As the linked article doesn’t say otherwise, we can only assume they’re actual, real missiles—but that’s just speculation). The Imperial also has its original V8 engine and only 71,000 miles on the odometer, which isn’t bad for a 50-year-old car. And unlike the film, it doesn’t stall frequently and is able to maintain a consistent direction.

While we suppose it’s technically possible there’s a big enough Green Hornet fan out there who’ll pay $50,000 for a prop, you’re probably getting your money’s worth just to own a cool classic car with fake machine guns on the hood. In fact, you don’t even have to mention The Green Hornet; tell people you had the guns attached just to look badass, or pretend it was used in Dick Tracy.


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