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Buy Kelly LeBrock’s jacket from Weird Science and make your own Kelly LeBrock

John Hughes’ 1985 comedy Weird Science taught us that making Kelly LeBrock is as easy as dialing your old Memotech computer into a government system, using Cryptosmasher to hack your way through its defenses, drawing some computer boobs, uploading images from Playboy and David Lee Roth videos, then hooking electrodes up to a Barbie doll. So with the many advancements technology has made in the past 30 years, surely nowadays you can create your own Kelly LeBrock by buying the studded jacket she wore in the film, then just sort of holding it near an iPad.


As draped across LeBrock in the infamous scene where Lisa meets Gary’s parents, then tells them about his tossing off in the bathroom, the jacket from costume designer Marilyn Vance is being sold by collector Yossi Dina for the Buy It Now price of $35,000—a steal for fans of classic ’80s movies, classic ’80s clothing with lots of shit on it, and people who are making a desperate attempt to acquire their very own Kelly LeBrock. Or you could probably just give $35,000 directly to Kelly LeBrock and she would hang out with you for a few days.

[via Boing Boing]

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