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Illustration for article titled Buy Harold Ramis’ iGhostbusters/i jumpsuit so they can’t reboot that, at least

In what would be a much less expensive, far more dignified way to revive the franchise than making Ghostbusters 3, you can now purchase the jumpsuit once worn by the late Harold Ramis and put it on, strutting around the city in a dead man’s clothes shouting, “Look at me, I’m Egon! Bustin’ makes me feel good!” Ramis’ screen-worn Egon costume from Ghostbusters II—which has both a “Spengler” chest patch and Ramis’ name inscribed inside, so you can be sure Rick Moranis’ balls weren’t in it—is being auctioned off on Dec. 16, through L.A.’s Nate D. Sanders house. The site lists the flight suit as being in “near fine” condition. Coincidentally, this is also the condition of Ghostbusters II.


Bidding starts at $20,000, though it’s expected to fetch as much as $30,000 more than that—owing to the continued popularity of Ghostbusters, affection for the late Ramis, and the concerted attempt to rescue one shred of those movies from Sony executives.

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