The 25th anniversary celebration of Back To The Future has already included a lot of great things—re-releases on Blu-ray and in the theater, cast reunions, recreated trailers, strange Stoltzian visions—but now you can own something even more tangible thanks to Profiles In History, which plans to auction off several props from the BTTF trilogy as part of its Hollywood Auction 42, proceeds from which will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Like its previous Lost auction, Profiles In History’s BTTF smorgasbord isn’t for the casual fan—by which we mean a person who would feel weird about dropping $15,000 on, say, Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nikes from Back To The Future II. (But perhaps you’d be cool with spending a mere $600 on a Frisbies pie plate?) For any other idle rich who happen to be reading, here’s some other stuff you could buy:

- Marty’s self-adjusting “resizing” jacket.

- The Gray’s Sports Almanac.

- The Oh La La magazine that Biff used to hide the Gray’s Sports Almanac.


- The “disappearing Marty” photographs

- A series of prop newspapers from various alternate timelines.


- “The most technically accurate reproduction of the DeLorean Time Machine ever built,” from a guy whose dedication extended to hiring a team of expert prop builders and spending four years assembling an exact, drivable replica, right down to vents that spew big white clouds of carbon dioxide like the one in the movie. (Valued at around $80,000-$120,000.)

- And our favorite: “The Bob Gale Experience,” where producer Bob Gale will have lunch with the winning bidder or submit to “an hour-long phone call.” What will you talk about for an hour? It doesn’t matter! He’s contractually obligated to listen to you! He has “also agreed to have pictures taken.” It is truly The Bob Gale Experience to rival all other experiences.


[Images via Profiles In History]