Slayer, Ghost B.C., and Mastodon are all selling branded string bikinis now. The three metal acts have all launched lines of bathing suits in the past week or so, just in time for the hottest and/or blackest days of summer. While the Slayer and Ghost togs feature pentagrams and upside-down cross sketches on their respective triangle tops, Mastodon’s suit takes the gold medal for its bottoms, which contain the word “Asstodon” emblazoned right across the… well, you know.

Each of the suits goes for a tight $35. Mastodon is also selling the suit as part of an $80 bundle that comes with a Megalodon beach towel and a pair of Mastodon sunglasses. All the suits would be perfect for sunning oneself underneath the midnight sun along the Nordic fjords, like all respectable metal babes do.