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Buy a mansion with a replica of the Star Trek bridge

For those in the market for a new home and a budget of $35 million—but still hesitant about the Scarface house—Marc Bell, a man who is essentially the adult version of Richie Rich, is selling his Boca Raton mansion for the same asking price. Bell’s eight-bedroom, 16-bathroom Mediterranean-style house has all the standard accoutrements: a pool, basketball court, Andy Warhol collection, formal dining room, and football field built to 50-percent scale. But it’s the pop-culture accessories that lift this 27,000-square-foot house above the usual multimillion-dollar milieu.

Business Insider has all of the details and tons of photos of the most unusual features, including: a 2,000-square-foot ballroom-turned-arcade that houses more than 60 games; a living room decked out with Mickey Mouse art; and an entire room dedicated to playing Call Of Duty (complete with themed décor).


But all of that pales in comparison to the pièce de résistance: a home theater that replicates Star Trek’s U.S.S Enterprise. The command stations on the bridge have been transformed into reclining chairs, and films can be shown on the viewscreen. The ceiling holds thousands of fake stars, and a line of Tribbles appears to be circling the perimeter. Outside of the theater, there’s also a concession area with a transporter-themed design and a life-sized Borg for ambiance.

Adding to the eccentricity, Bell is the former CEO of the online dating/sex site FriendFinder Networks, which also owns the Penthouse magazine brand. (The FriendFinder Network declared bankruptcy last September, leaving Bell to trade in his Starship for a more financially responsible runabout.) That means the ideal buyer for Bell’s property is both a big Trekker, and someone who’s perfectly comfortable living in a house that porn built.


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