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Burglars break into 50 Cent's house just to hang out and drink his wine

50 Cent’s 52-room Connecticut mansion, the previously-owned-by-Mike-Tyson House That Vitamin Water Bought, was burgled yesterday by two dudes who broke in through an unlocked door. As you can infer from their mugshots, they then proceeded to have a kickass time: Police found them still hanging around at 6 a.m. "with marijuana in their possession," while one of them—Alexander Hernandez, the guy in red—was discovered in a closet, “pounding” a bottle of wine he’d liberated from 50 Cent’s personal collection. Both men have subsequently said that they had no intention of stealing anything; they just wanted to “hang out” in one of their favorite rappers’ houses. It’s sort of adorable, until you get to the part where Hernandez will likely miss spending Christmas with his newborn daughter, and that he was wanted in connection with an attempted murder. That really sucks the fun out of it. But right up until that point it’s pretty great, especially considering 50 Cent sort of set himself up for this years ago:

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