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Burger King decides its Chicken Fries could also use some Cheetos dust

(Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM2Ie4BPd9M)

Living up to its reputation as fast food’s No. 1 destination for hybridized novelty foods that we hate ourselves for wanting to try, Burger King has unleashed its latest radioactive orange abomination on the culinary world: the Cheetos Chicken Fry.

As reported on by Eater, the CCF is actually a hybrid of a hybrid, taking one of the company’s earlier “Frankenfood” successes—the poultry-for-potato swap known as the chicken fry—and covering it in the same crushed-up cheese puff dust that currently coats its infamous Cheetos Mac N’ Cheese. YouTube food vloggers are already racing to get their stained hands on the new item, posting reviews praising their “light aroma of Cheetos” and “satisfying crunch.”

The new fries are just the latest iteration of Burger King’s current marketing strategy, a plan that could best be summed up with the phrase, “We dare you.” Other entries in the company’s hard turn into the novelty food game including the Whopperito, and its ongoing efforts to break into professional hot dog-grilling.


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