MRA protesters aside, it’s a nearly universal sentiment that Mad Max: Fury Road was bombastic and outstanding. Spilling at the seams, Fury Road was a smorgasbord of tough-as-nails action heroines, furious motor-gangs, and the Coma Doof Warrior, whose sole purpose was to score Immortan Joe’s pursuit using a guitar that shot flames. Even The A.V. Club’s own A.A. Dowd was transfixed by the guitar flamethrower in his review.


Now you can build your own string instrument capable of roasting a pig on a spit, spurring on a criminal gang of wasteland goons, or winning your office Halloween party’s most dangerous costume contest. Makezine has posted instructions on how to build your own Fury Road-inspired flamethrower ukulele.

The steps involve adding a butane canister, caulking gun, metal hose, and items that are already laying around the house or available at the local hardware store. The results speak for themselves, and make it pretty clear that an ambitious do-it-yourselfer with an extra guitar to throw away could definitely create their own Doof replica.

Though the video and article point this out clearly, it bears repeating: Please attempt this build with only the utmost caution. This is an extremely dangerous project, and while burning to death at the hands of a flamethrowing guitar of your own making may sound pretty metal, it would probably be of little consolation to your next of kin.


If you do manage the incredibly irresponsible task of building a flamethrower guitar or ukulele, don’t forget to print out the Coma Doof’s sheet music so you can shred and burn, baby.