Nicholas Brendon, so often the sober voice of reason on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, was arrested Friday after causing a drunken disturbance in Boise, Idaho, where he was attending the Tree City Comic Con. The 43-year-old, erstwhile Xander reportedly got into an argument with staff at the hotel where he was staying, prompting a police response. Officers say Brendon refused their commands to stay seated while they talked to witnesses and eventually tried to walk away, so they took him into custody for resisting arrest. Brendon also faces charges of “malicious injury to property” for reportedly breaking a “decorative dish.” (It’s unknown whether this is the dish in question, which may justify his actions.)

After news broke of his arrest, Brendon’s representatives issued an apology on the actor’s behalf. And earlier today, Brendon issued his own apology for his “unacceptable behavior” on his Facebook page, where he said he’d made “the poor decision” to mix alcohol with prescription painkillers he’d been taking for a cyst on his knee cap. Brendon, who previously entered rehab in 2010, also said he intends to seek “treatment and therapy for my medical ailments as well as my emotional demons”—the slaying of which is not so easy as regular demons.


It’s hoped that Brendon finds that peace he’s searching for, and that his therapy doesn’t involve watching “Beer Bad.”