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Like its zombie-slaying parent series, AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead is always looking for more survivor fodder to toss to its ravenous hordes. The show’s latest hire has some experience in fighting off the murderous undead, though, as TVLine reports that Buffy The Vampire Slayer alumna Emma Caulfield is joining the spin-off series.

Caulfield spent five years playing quirky vengeance demon Anya on Joss Whedon’s breakout show, trading quips and stakes with the rest of the Scooby crew. After the series ended in 2003, she’s continued to live the life of a Whedon-touched actor, popping up for guest stints and occasional series roles on shows like Robot Chicken, Supergirl, and Once Upon A Time. AMC hasn’t revealed what role Caulfield will play on the third season of Fear The Walking Dead, although rumors suggest she might play a villain, leading the group attacking and harrying Frank Dillane’s character Nick.