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Buffalo Wild Wings drops Steve Rannazzisi as its spokesperson

Though he’s been forgiven by both FX and SNL’s Pete Davidson, Steve Rannazzisi is still feeling the heat following his admission that he was not, in fact, in one of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. Specifically, The League star has fallen victim to the spicy, tangy burn of a Caribbean jerk drumette, as Buffalo Wild Wings announced it has dropped him as its spokesperson. In a statement on Thursday, the wing chain said it has “decided to discontinue airing our current television commercials” featuring the actor, thus reminding the world that corporations won’t even entertain the concept of a little controversy when their money is at stake.

In related (but less delicious) news, Comedy Central says it still hasn’t decided whether it’ll air Rannazzisi’s new stand-up special, Breaking Dad, this weekend.


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