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Screenshot: Bud Light (YouTube)

Crippling indecision strikes the best of us at the worst of times, whether it’s agonizing over which true crime docuseries to binge on Netflix (the one with the cats and the murder or the one with the football and the murder?) or which pint of artisanal ice cream to purchase (the one with all the stuff or the one with less stuff?). Bud Light has found itself in a similar predicament in the lead-up to this year’s Super Bowl: Having produced two ads featuring Post Malone (who, unless proven otherwise in a Netflix docuseries, is just Shia LaBeouf covered in Sharpie scribbles), the company is unable to decide which one to air on Super Bowl Sunday—because Super Bowl advertising is apparently operating under Highlander law now.


And so Bud Light is shirking its responsibility and placing the burden on viewers, asking them to watch both ads and make their voices heard on this incredibly important issue via social media. Both ads, which you can view below, feature Post Malone (if that is his real name) enjoying the brand’s new hard seltzer. In one, Post visits a convenience store and cannot decide between the Bud Light hard seltzer or the traditional beer, and so it’s up to the tiny tattooed people controlling his body to decide. Meta! In the second ad, Post hangs out at a bar, where he discovers the new Bud Light mango hard seltzer, and the tiny tattooed people controlling his body rejoice. After viewing both ads, head over to Bud Light’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages to cast your vote using the #PostyStore and #PostyBar hashtags. Or don’t. Just remember what happened last time a bunch of people in this country decided to sit out the election.

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