Photo: Oliver Contreras (Getty Images)

If you’re not broke from blowing $225 on sweatshirts that say “Holy Spirit,” it looks like you can spend what’s left on a new Kanye West album next month. This comes via Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, who took to social media with a photo just brimming with tantalizing details. Scribbled in a notebook are what appear to be 12 song titles, which come headlined with the words “Jesus Is King.” Below it all is a date, September 27, which one might safely assume will see the release of this new LP.


For ages it appeared his next album would be the much-delayed Yandhi, but talk of that project died down as the rapper focused instead on gospel-flavored performances he called Sunday Services, the likes of which culminated with a much-discussed Coachella set. It makes some kind of sense, then, that he’d call his new album Jesus Is King, even if it muddies up his own self-deification efforts.

Nevertheless, ready yourself for another Kanye news cycle.

See the tracklist, courtesy of Consequence Of Sound, below:

01. Glade

02. Garden

03. Seleh

04. God Is

05. Baptized

06. Sierra Canyon

07. Hands On

08. Wake the Dead

09. Water

10. Through the Valley

11. Sunday

12. Sweet Jesus