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Btw, Alex Jones also got kicked off of Pinterest and YouPorn

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Screenshot: YouTube

We’ve presumably all heard by now that late Sunday night, in what seems to have been either a coordinated attack secretly ordered by Chinese communists (if you’re a true, tinfoil hat-wearing Infowars fan) or the long-awaited end of a very stupid game of chicken, major social-media and streaming platforms, including YouTube, Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Facebook, (mostly) scrubbed their platforms of dangerous inciter of political violence, snake-oil-peddling moral vacuum, and bloated sack of wet hamburger meat Alex Jones. However, the digital carnage did not stop there: Jones and his comrades will no longer be removing the scales from the eyes of brides-to-be and furtive masturbators, as Infowars has been kicked off of Pinterest and YouPorn as well.

The Infowars Pinterest page was, sadly, not filled with flouride-free entertaining ideas, but simply memes and clips from Jones’ daily rantings similar to those on Jones’ Instagram page, which is still up. (And owned by Facebook!) The YouPorn content, meanwhile, sounds a little more interesting: The site removed six “spoof videos” featuring Jones, saying in a statement that “as an inclusive platform, hate has no place on YouPorn.” So, what the hell was in those videos? The Wrap investigated this question, hopefully while wearing rubber gloves, and found that the videos were all user-generated and not official Infowars content. Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel took a screenshot before they were all gone:


The videos have been taken down, so we can’t say for sure if they were posted by aspiring Vic Bergers covering all their content-uploading bases or actual horny right-wingers tired of looking at shirtless Putin pics. We can say with confidence, however, that there was no official Infowars YouPorn account, and this is basically just another of the publicity stunts of which ad-supported porn tube sites are so fond. In the Year of Our Lord 2018, even porn sites have to brand themselves.


Infowars was also kicked off of Linkedin, as CNET reports. Twitter, meanwhile, still hasn’t done shit.

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