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BTS politely waits for Joe Biden to stop talking to drop new single and video

A big night for online video tonight—full of momentous occasions, historic milestones, and a general sense that something better might finally be on the horizon—as Korean pop group BTS dropped its first all-English music video, “Dynamite,” on the digital world. (Also, some speeches happened.)

Per Pitchfork, “Dynamite” is the first single that the massively successful band has released entirely in the English language; it arrives ahead of their new concert film, Break The Silence: The Film, which is due out in September. The song itself is pretty much pure-pop sugar, with lots of “na-na-nas,” a hint of disco, and an inarguably catchy beat. The video, meanwhile, revisits a fairly common theme in the BTS oeuvre, i.e., “Look at these BTS guys, aren’t they having fun?”

In any case: Kudos to BTS for showing a little respect for their elders by waiting to release their video—18 million views and counting in its first hour on YouTube—until after Joe Biden was done accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. Classy move, fellas!

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