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Bryce Dallas Howard to ditch the heels for Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World

Poking fun at a common criticism of his massively successful blockbuster Jurassic World—in which star Bryce Dallas Howard spent an entire movie sprinting through a root-strewn jungle in lethally fashionable high heels—director-turned-producer Colin Trevorrow tweeted the following picture at the actress today:


Presumably, Trevorrow’s intention was to reassure fans that Howard’s character Claire will no longer live in danger of snapping a heel—or her ankle, for that matter—every time a dinosaur comes charging out of the underbrush in Jurassic World 2. (Howard said something to similar effect last year, but apparently it needed to be reiterated, because bad-shoe rumors find a way.) Of course, Trevorrow’s not actually directing Jurassic World 2, which is currently set for a 2018 release date. The Orphanages J.A. Bayona will be taking over the franchise’s filming and footwear-selection duties, while Trevorrow moves on to Star Wars: Episode IX.

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