Everything’s coming up Giant CGI Lizards for Bryce Dallas Howard: The Jurassic World star is apparently in talks to appear in Disney’s upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon. Howard would play the as-yet-unnamed female lead in director David Lowery’s no-singing, all-story remake of Disney’s 1977 semi-classic. If cast, the actress could establish herself as Hollywood’s go-to-gal for staring fearfully at a ping-pong ball on a piece of fishing line and pretending it’s a massive, scaly beast—the kind of lucrative reputation that leads to roles in Game Of Thrones, or the next Godzilla movie.

Fans of Howard’s career know that she’s no stranger to treating the utterly ridiculous with straight-faced sincerity. In the past, she’s portrayed characters with no trouble accepting a variety of ridiculous notions, ranging from metal-skinned murder skeletons and men with spider powers, to the racial superiority of whites and M. Night Shyamalan’s role as a writer of radical, world-changing power.