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Bryan Singer to develop another Twilight Zone reboot, because who can say that man's destiny is truly his own?

Like poor souls trapped in a world where all of television’s genre stories with an undercurrent of social commentary and moral lessons can only be told through the prism of a single recognizable brand name, CBS executives are once again planning another version of The Twilight Zone, swept along by forces they can’t begin to comprehend. Submitted for your approval: Bryan Singer, a Hollywood producer who’s been drafted to develop a Twilight Zone update, one that could prove to be his redemption for his similar work on NBC’s scrapped Munsters reboot. Unless, perhaps, he is doomed to repeat history? As, perhaps, are we all?

It’s a question we must ask ourselves again and again and definitely at least twice since the original show aired, first when it rebooted in the 1980s, and most recently when the 2002, Forest Whitaker-hosted version lasted only a single season. Are we mere puppets on invisible strings, dancing so our makers will laugh? In announcing our grandest plans, do we invite reciprocal chaos? Will this show cause yet more complications for that Matt Reeves-directed movie? These questions form a dialogue that makes for a truly compelling script… in The Twilight Zone.


Also, all the CBS executives are revealed to be pig-faced aliens.

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