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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Bryan Singer just doesn’t know when to say “No.” It seems like most Newswires written this summer were about Bryan Singer’s latest remakes. (Or does it just feel that way?) The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog reports Singer will direct Jack the Giant Killer for New Line and Legendary Pictures. The story about a princess kidnapped by giants and the young farmer who sets out to rescue her calls to mind equal parts Jack and the Bean Stalk, Mario and Lord Of The Rings. And keeping with Singer’s remake leaning, this latest from Singer is in fact a remake of sorts. Perhaps you recall an old Porky Pig cartoon? It was “Porky The Giant Killer” in which Porky sets out to battle some big, burly Hagrids in a castle and inadvertently awakens a giant’s baby, forcing Porky to keep the child happy so he can escape before the giant parent can find and kill him first.

According to the blog, this project is being fast-tracked and will most likely be Singer’s next film, though no word was given on a start date. We wait with baited breath to see if Singer forgets all about that senseless Battlestar Galactica feature film re-imagining. Please, dear God, let him forget.


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