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In a prequel that promises to fill in the blanks on its main character’s nauseating, pathological behavior—“But enough about The Carrie Diaries,” he said, licking his index finger and ticking an imaginary scoreboard—Bryan Fuller has begun developing Hannibal, a one-hour drama series based on the surprisingly franchiseable Dr. Hannibal Lecter character, for the newly launched Gaumont International Television. The show will explore the early relationship between people-eating psychiatrist Lecter and FBI profiler Will Graham—a relationship that has already been pretty well explored in Thomas Harris’ original novels, as well as the feature films Manhunter and Red Dragon, but presumably the series would flesh out all the merely inferred adventures they shared that were, in themselves, just like self-contained episodes of a standard TV procedural.


Where Fuller fits into this is less obvious: Fuller is mostly known as a master of whimsy for his work on Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, and Dead Like Me—and in the case of Heroes, total caprice—although he also has dabbled in psychological horror with his 2002 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. Then again, the most recent thing that Fuller’s name was attached to recently was that reboot of The Munsters, so it seems like there’s just a lot of enthusiastic agreeing going on over at Fuller’s place these days. Perhaps you have some light chores that need doing?

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