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Bryan Cranston to resume murdering in Errol Morris film

When a Reddit user asked The Act Of Killing’s Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, and Joshua Oppenheimer, “Is your documentary work your No. 1 priority in your lives? If not, what is?” Morris (The Thin Blue Line, Mr. DeathTabloid) unwittingly set the Internet off by casually answering, “No. I’ve been writing books and essays, and I’m making a dramatic feature this year with Bryan Cranston, Naomi Watts, and Édgar Ramírez. Wish me well.”

That dramatic feature, as reported in The Wrap, is Holland, Michigan, and will feature Watts as a woman who suspects her “docile husband” of infidelity, only to find out he has a predilection for killing people instead. The script, by newcomer Andrew Sodroski, made waves at the end of last year when it topped the Black List of unproduced screenplays. (It was one of only a few in the list’s top 10 that didn’t involve terminal illness or a sentient spaceship.) Sodroski’s currently adapting a novel that hasn’t even been released yet called American Blood as a Bradley Cooper vehicle for Warner Bros.


No release date has been set, though it presumably won’t be until 2015.

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