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Bryan Cranston to play blacklisted screenwriter in Trumbo

With Breaking Bad coming to a close, Bryan Cranston has managed to keep busy with several film projects in the works. The latest is Trumbo, the true story of Dalton Trumbo, who at one time was the most successful screenwriter in Hollywood before landing on the House Un-American Activities Committee's blacklist. After serving nearly a year in jail for refusing to name names before the committee, Trumbo fled to Mexico. He continued to write, either under pseudonyms, or with other screenwriters acting as frontmen. Trumbo even won two Academy Awards while blacklisted—one for The Brave One, albeit under a false name, and one for Roman Holiday, which was until very recently credited to another writer.

Trumbo eventually fought back against the blacklist, helping to clear his name and end the practice, eventually getting his deserved credits for other films like Exodus and Spartacus. The film will begin shooting next year, with Jay Roach directing.


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