After a year that saw so many grains of Cranston scattered on the wind, landing on the pistils of so many diverse projects to breed new, exotic blooms of Cranston, 2012 now also looks promising with the announcement that Bryan Cranston will alight on FX’s Archer in this year’s two-part season finale. Cranston will lend his dulcet Cranstones to voicing “Commander Drake,” described as an “earnest, conscientious astronaut fighting to quell a mutiny on the space platform” of the International Space Station, which should work out for him about as well as the efforts of any earnest, conscientious character in the world of Archer. He joins other guest stars for this upcoming season (kicking off January 19) such as the previously announced Burt Reynolds, Jack McBrayer, and Michael Rooker, all of who are Cranston in their own special ways.