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Bryan Cranston teases Malcolm In The Middle reunion, is probably toying with us

Malcolm In The Middle (Photo: Fox)

Bryan Cranston is still keeping the dream of a Malcolm In The Middle reunion alive, even if nothing seems imminent or all that likely. When E! recently asked whether the Wilkerson clan might get together again, Cranston said, “I sure hope so.” The actor then did some verbal gymnastics to suggest that more serious discussions about a reboot could potentially happen. “There’s a possibility we want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later,” he added. So, yeah, there’s a “possibility” you shouldn’t hold your breath for this one.

Cranston’s got a lot on his plate right now with The Intouchables, The Power Rangers, and the Electric Dreams, but if anyone’s going to get this reboot off the ground, it’s going to be him. After all, Frankie Muniz is too busy battling Sharknados these days.


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