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Bryan Cranston and Alison Brie will also be in The Disaster Artist

Most updates on the making of The Disaster Artist, the film adaptation of the book about the making of The Room, have elicited merely bemusement, whether it was learning that James and Dave Franco were leading the cast, or that Hannibal Buress and Kate Upton would also star in the film as characters who were behind the scenes during the original film’s production. But now we finally have some news from the set that is of genuine interest to The A.V. Club: Greg Sestero, who wrote the source book, has just announced that Bryan Cranston will appear in the film.

Sestero shared the news in a Facebook post, which is accompanied by a picture of Cranston with the Franco brothers, as well as Alison Brie, who, according to IMDb, is also starring in the film. Sestero didn’t divulge whom Cranston would be playing, but IMDb tells us that Brie’s character is named “Amber.” There’s no information on just who Amber is, but we suppose there’s a chance she’s also an American heiress.


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