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Bryan Cranston adapting Dangerous Book For Boys for TV

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As his clout grows post-Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston is getting into the producing game. The actor has optioned the rights to Conn and Hal Iggulden’s 2006 bestseller The Dangerous Book For Boys, a guide that helps children in the digital age enjoy analog pastimes like tying knots, making a bow and arrow, building a go-kart, and cooking the purest crystal meth on God’s green earth.

To translate the nonfiction tome into a comedy series, the show will follow three boys growing up without a father—presumably because he was killed by Mexican drug cartels—who deal with the lack of a male role model by doing the traditionally boyish activities described in the book. As the book only has 19 chapters—several of which deal with historical facts, like the wonders of the ancient world or famous battles—the source material should be exhausted fairly quickly. But as anyone who read World War Z then saw the film can attest, Hollywood doesn’t really option books; they option titles.

The book’s sequel, The Daring Book For Girls, has not been optioned by anyone, because eww, girls.


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