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Bruce Willis to star alongside a younger Holly McClane in the Die Hard prequel McClane

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Die Hard fans have been through a lot. Die Hard was well-received by both the critical community and the general public when it was released in 1988, spawning four sequels and dozens of Die Hard-esque movies—Speed, Under Siege, Passenger 57, and Skyscraper, just to name a few. The sequels would remain in (somewhat) good favor with critics for Die Hard 2 and 3, but, oh, did things take a sharp turn after the release of A Good Day to Die Hard in 2013. By the fifth sequel, which practically turned John McClane into a superhero, the magic of the “regular-guy-who-found-himself-in-an-unfortunate-situation” was lost. Which brings us to the (very divisive) sixth film in the franchise, McClane.

Formerly known as Die Hard: Year One, all eyes have been on what the prequel will be about, and who will take on the role of a younger John McClane. Fast-forward two years later, and McClane director Len Wiseman tells /Film that Bruce Willis will star in the film. A younger Holly McClane will also make an appearance, as well as potential appearances from characters introduced earlier in the franchise. Len Wiseman’s Live Free or Die Hard was PG-13, but producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura hopes that McClane will be rated-R. When asked by /Film if an R-rating was possible, he replied: “I hope so ... Look, I’m not in charge of that. Would I prefer it? Absolutely.”


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