While discussing his new old-people-destroying-things thriller Red with MTV, Bruce Willis, 55, was asked to clarify statements he made about his upcoming very-old-people-destroying-things thriller Die Hard 5.  At Comic-Con this year, Willis reported that the inevitable sequel was "imminent", which he now claims to have thought "meant that you have a lot of 'em".  This doesn't make much sense, but it doesn't make any less sense than his 'clarification' that Die Hard 5 is, in fact, "affluent".  At any rate, a script has apparently been completed and should hit theaters by 2011, if the doddering, confused thespian can be believed.  

Speaking of odd word choices, did you know that Willis is the only human being in history whose Wikipedia page contains a section entitled "Heterogeneous activities"?  Something to think about while you're waiting for the next epic adventure of John McClane.