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Bruce Willis officially declares that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

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The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis won’t air until later this month, but the event was actually taped last night and The Hollywood Reporter has details on some of the sick burns that the roasters dropped. Dennis Rodman was there for some reason, and the Hollywood Reporter story says he made a joke about Jim Jong-Un that “elicited boos.” Rodman was apparently poking fun at some of Willis’ bad films, saying “you keep making these bomb movies like Kim, but at least he is smart enough not to release his.” Demi Moore also stopped by, putting on a performance that was “a mixture of sweet and brutal.”


It sounds like the real breakout of the night was Edward Norton, though, whose role in American History X was the perfect setup for some jokes about Trump. Kevin Pollack said, “if you were to do American History X today, not only would you win the Oscar, but also a Cabinet position,” and Jeff Ross noted that Trump told him American History X “was his all-time favorite comedy.”

When Willis had a chance to take the stage, he joked that Norton “rubbed more people the wrong way than Harvey Weinstein”—which should’ve elicited more boos than Rodman’s joke—and then he dared to draw the ire of a very specific branch of fans by declaring, “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.” With that, the big Die Hard debate is officially over, and the internet will have to find something new to argue about in December.

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