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Bruce Willis has been as hard to pin down as ever these last few years, trading supporting roles in prestige projects (Motherless Brooklyn) with comedic cameos (Between Two Ferns, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part) and his own burgeoning superhero series (Glass). But let us not forget that this is also the man who tried to revive Death WishWillis is still down for some old-man-kills-bad-whipper-snappers, and this trailer for Survive The Night proves it.

Willis stars alongside One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray in what would absolutely have been a straight-to-VHS action flick in the days of Blockbuster. In it, he plays a doctor whose family is held hostage by some hunky crooks, one of whom is badly injured. If Willis can’t fix him, everybody dies. Willis, however, has another idea: What if it was they who died?


Survive The Night, which might be exactly the kind of mindless thriller you need right now, hits on demand services on May 22.

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